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Marketing of the future is all about brands telling stories, educating and entertaining us.

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Amplifying your Brilliance.

  • I’m a lawyer at Metrotown, in Burnaby

    If you could, you would never go to a lawyer. That would be your first mistake. Why? Because the law believes that “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

  • Top 3 Ways To B Agile Too!

    Agile is the new way of managing software development projects. Agile means to be able to move quickly and easily. Agile Manifesto Values are: Individuals & Interactions over processes and tools Working Software over comprehensive …

  • Dr. Yip Makes Your Skin Melasma Go Away

    Dr. Daniel Yip is the only medical aesthetic physician in Greater Vancouver who focuses his work on melasma. He can help women afflicted with the melasma condition with his state of the art, non-invasive laser …

  • A Business Testimonial To Kill For

    Erica is a mortgage broker specialist and Charli is a marketing specialist in the health benefits industry who needed finance expertise for her mortgage.  Charli’s demands were high and Erica performed well under pressure in …

  • Emotion of Advertising

    What is Emotional Marketing? Emotional Marketing is messaging that builds your ego, thus making you feel smarter, bolder, more sophisticated and any other emotion that builds your self-esteem. By making you feel better about yourself, …

  • Online Marketing Explosion

    Business Marketing without Social Media and Video Content Marketing strangles opportunity and business suffocates!